Clients and Past Employers:

The Department of National Defence (DND) / and the Canadian Forces (CF):

The Department of National Defence (DND) is the Government of Canada department responsible for defending Canada's interests and values at home and abroad, as well as contributing to international peace and security.

When taken together the Canadian Forces (CF) and the Department of National Defence make up the single largest component of Canada's Federal Government both in terms of the size of the joint annual budget as well as the total number of personnel employed. 

Scope: NATO member with an International and National Operational Footprint

Operations: Global

Financials: USD $20.164 Billion (2010)

Personnel: 113,000

  • CF Regular Force (55%)
    62,000 Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Special Forces
  • CF Reserves (19%)
    21,000 Reservists
  • CF Rangers (4%)
    4,000 Rangers
  • DND Civilians (23%)
    26,000 Public Servants


Consulting Role with DND:

The Canadian Forces and the Department of National Defence, represents one of the most “at risk” organizations in Canada.

As part of my multi-year contract with the Director General of Safety ("D Safe G"), I was required to deliver life, fire and environmental safety training that targeted military and civilian managers, supervisors as well as members of mandated joint health and safety committees.

As an added value component of my work for DND I often provided assistance to local base safety and managerial staff in localizing and solving individual fire, life and environmental safety concerns in addition to the provision of instruction and motivational services to those most responsible to recognize and eliminate the dangers associated with occupational injury and disease within the Canadian Forces and National Defence community.

The terms of my contract with DND demanded that I be extremely well versed in all applicable aspects of compliance for an organization subject to federal jurisdiction. The scope of my work for DND required that I satsify all applicable Federal, Provincial and Territorial compliance requirements including especially the practical, statutory and regulatory requirements that underly the right to refuse, the right to know, the right to participate, the to duty accommodate,the implementation of modified duty schedules, the implementation of transitional employment and return to work strategies, as well as the maintenance of the necessary interface relationships with Provincial / Territorial WCB systems.

Some of the other in-depth occupational health and safety concerns addressed included the departmental general safety policy, over 14 related departmental policies, WHMIS, TDG, emergency response and business continuity strategies, confined spaces, hazard recognition and control, working at heights, first aid, fire and life safety, employee wellness, workplace violence and harassment, behavioral safety, hazardous occurrence investigation, and emergency communications.

My scope of employment included work at nearly every major defense installation in Canada.

CFS Alert: NV
CFB Bagotville: QC
CFB Borden: ON
CFB Cold Lake: AB
CFB Comox: BC
CFB Dundurn: SK
CFB Edmonton: AB
CFB Esquimalt: BC
CFB Gagetown: NB
CFB Gander: NL
CFB Goose Bay: NL
CFB Greenwood: NS
CFB Halifax: NS
CFB Kingston: ON
CFS Masset: BC
CFB Montreal: QC
CFB Moose Jaw: SK
CFB North Bay: ON
CFB Petawawa: ON
CFB Shearwater: NS
CFB Shilo: MB
CFB St. Hubert: QC
CFS St. John's: NL
CFB Suffield: AB
CFB Trenton: ON
CFB Valcartier: QC
CFB Wainwright: AB
CFB Winnipeg: MB

NDHQ Ottawa, ON

Major General George R. Pearkes Building   101 Colonel By Drive Ottawa, ON Canada

The Privy Council Office (PCO):

The Privy Council Office (PCO) provides impartial advice and support to the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Headed by the Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet, the department functions both as the Cabinet's secretariat and the Prime Minister's source of public service advice on almost all policy questions and operational issues facing the Government. The PCO is presently located in the Langevin Block of the Parliament buildings as well as a number of other locations throughout the National Capital Region in Ottawa.

Scope: National / International

Operations: The PCO supports the Prime Minister's ability to set the pace and direction of governance in Canada

Employees: 1,066 : 2010-2011: 

Financials: Budget forecasted to increase to $144 million in 2010-2011, up from $128 million for fiscal 2009-2010 (CDN)


The Privy Council Office (PCO) is mandated to provide non-partisan support to a number of key government ministers and departments. Traditionally, the PCO has served as a "finishing school" for key members of the public service with many alumni earning executive positions within other parts of the public service and Canada's broad three level system of government. Officials who spend several years gaining experience at the PCO, and working on policy matters from the perspective of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, return to their home departments with a greater appreciation of government operations at the corporate level. 

Consulting Role on behalf of the PCO:

One of the highlights of my career occurred in 2008 when the Privy Council Office (PCO) in Ottawa requested that I conduct a confidential internal survey of the agency's fire, life and environmental safety policies and procedures. 

This in-depth consulting project relied upon my strong research, interview, networking and communication skills to interface with a variety of different internal stakeholders within the PCO including three public sector unions.

The scope of this project required me to work with a diversity of locations and internal stakeholders drawn from a variety of professional backgrounds including policy development, communications, security and intelligence services. 

Due to its role as the government's key policy generator the PCO is uniquely positioned to influence the pace, direction and development of occupational health and safety issues throughout Canada.

I am proud to state that the project completed on behalf of this extremely demanding client was finished on time and on budget in accordance with an aggressive and jointly established project schedule. My compliance audit for the PCO was completed following the generation of a lengthy report that outlined a variety of concerns and recommendations for change including the need to create greater depth in that organization's occupational health and safety training and awareness programs.

Fisher Scientific Division of Thermo Fisher:

Thermo Fisher Scientific is engaged in providing scientific equipment to pharmaceutical, life sciences and biotech companies, hospitals and clinical diagnostic laboratories,universities, research institutions and government agencies.The company offers analytical instruments, equipment, reagents and consumables, software and added value services for research, manufacturing, analysis, discovery and diagnostics. It offers products and services under Thermo Scientific and Fisher Scientific brands. The company operates in the United States and Canada, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, PR China and several other locations across the globe. Thermo Fisher's global headquarters is located in Waltham, Massachusetts. As of December 31, 2010 the company employed 37,200 people in its global operations.

Scope: National / International Manufacturer, Distributor and Service Provider

Operations: North America / Europe / Asia

Certifications: ISO 9001:2008

Financials: $ 10,788,700,000 (USD)

< 100 Million (In CDN)

Employees: 37,200

(500 in CDN)




Key Fire, Life and Environmental Safety Markets Covered:
Fisher Scientific's safety division can offer its laboratory, health care, pharmaceutical, university and education sector clients an extremely extensive fire, life and environmental safety product line. The products distributed or manufactured by Fisher Scientific include industrial safety products as well as products used for hazardous materials handling, personal protection, spill control, firefighting and emergency services, as well as fall arrest, confined space and environmental monitoring applications.


Fisher Scientific is extremely well linked into Canada's pharmaceutical sector. The total pharmaceutical market in Canada is close to $10 billion annually which represents about 1.8% of the total world market. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most R&D-intensive sectors in Canada. In 2000, Canada's brand-name pharmaceutical industry spent almost $1 Billion on R&D. About 20% of this was on basic research conducted in company research facilities as well as across Canada in universities, hospitals and laboratories, with about 65% of that amount flowing into clinical research.

Developing strategies, training and purchasing tools to assist hospitals in responding to terrorist or natural incidents resulting in mass illness and/or mass casualty events.

First Responder:
Providing the products, services, and training programs first responders need to meet the challenges of homeland security, as well as that of standard emergency responses. 

Homeland Security:
Products specifically geared toward professionals tasked with disaster readiness, regardless of their environment; training, repair and maintenance programs, 24/7 emergency responsiveness and national logistics

Fire and Emergency:
For those tasked with firefighting, technical rescue, EMS/Medical, Haz Mat/WMD, and law enforcement, a comprehensive offering of firefighting gear and tools, US&R solutions, PPE, respiratory equipment, training and more.

Industrial and Scientific:
A wide assortment of common safety products, distributed from the world's premier safety equipment manufacturers; laboratory PPE, controlled environments supplies, spill control and emergency response products, and much more.

Enabling forensic analysis through the use of cutting-edge techniques and innovative instrumentation to evaluate crime scene evidence from DNA typing, toxicology and gun residue analysis, to drug abuse and pharmaceutical identification.

Radiation Management:
Offering the most complete line of instrumentation and systems for radiation detection, measurement and protection for the nuclear industry, DOE national laboratories, and defense and law enforcement agencies.

Role with Fisher Safety Canada:

During my two years with Fisher Safety I was tasked primarily with the establishment of a more directed corporate brand. In support of this over arching corporate sales and marketing objective I developed and implemented an extremely focused marketing and sales program. Specifically I focused on establishing a stronger perception of the Fisher Safety brand that was realtively unknown outside of Fisher Scientific's core laboratory, university, research and pharamaceutical markets.

This objective was achieved through more effective product bundling, cross selling and the development of highly targeted collateral materials. Additionally, I supported significant channel growth through leveraged customer and supplier relationships and worked to enhance and direct the established corporate selling culture. I was also a key player in targeting new opportunities within the public sector and authored a highly specialized CBRN first receiver training course in support of a three year $ 13.5 Million hospital CBRNE training and equipment contract secured by Fisher Safety in March of 2005 from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (OMHLTC).

Some of the other highlights of my work for Fisher included all of the following sales, marketing and organizational development activities:

  • Acted as corporate OH&S subject material specialist for fire, life and environmental safety equipment, applications, and legislation;
  • Developed specialized brochures and sales support materials for the hazardous materials, laboratory, and chemical handling markets;
  • Developed dynamic market-focused corporate brand identity;
  • Managed supplier relations including marketing planning, sales support, promotions, publications, ongoing liaision, negotiations, and market analysis;
  • Optimized category depth and breadth for 16+ product categories;
  • Provided training and sales support and aftermarket training supports to internal and external customers;
  • Significant Work with all three Levels of Government including Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments.  

Canadian Head Office:

112 Colonnade Road

Nepean, ON


Born of the determined and entrepreneurial spirit of its orginal founder, Victor Levitt, Levitt-Safety has grown over the past 75 years to become the largest specialist supplier of safety equipment and services in Canada. With sixteen strategically located branches, Levitt-Safety is ideally equipped to serve a large base of geographic and market sectors both in Canada and overseas.

In addition to the distribution of products, Levitt-Safety also offers a complete line of signature services that support every aspect of an organization's health and safety needs as a whole. The decade of the 1990's saw Levitt-Safety assume a more holistic sales approach to the market for occupational health and safety products and services. As a consequence the firm expanded its product and service offering accordingly to meet a heightened customer need for expertise and delivery quality in both products, safety rentals and repair and service and other aftermarket services. Sold under the "Signature Services" heading this expanded added value offering includes training & consulting, safety prescription eyewear, mobile safety maintenance services, gas detection and instrumentation, as well as rental products.

Scope: National Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Organization

Operations: Canada & North America

Certifications: ISO 9001:2000; FS 63615
Financials: $20 - $50 Million (CDN)
Employees: 200

Branch Office Locations:

Calgary, AB
Edmonton, AB
Fort McMurray, AB
Kitimat BC
Moncton, NB
Montreal, QC
Ottawa, ON
Regina, SK
Sarnia, ON

Saskatoon, SK
Sparwood, BC
Sudbury, ON
Vancouver, BC
Winnipeg, MB
Yellowknife, NT

Corporate HQ
Oakville, ON 

Key Corporate Brands:

Fire & Life Safety Services
EHS Training & Consulting Services
Safety Prescription Eyewear Division
Fire Protection Systems
EHS Rental Services   
EHS Instrument Solutions   
Health Care Solutions

Role with Levitt-Safety:

In my role as safety and marketing manager I developed, managed, trained and coached a seven person marketing team towards personal and professional success. During my tenure with the Levitt-Safety the firm's major focus area for was in the area of developing a fresh and consistent corporate identity and to better reach out to customers in industry and government that were looking for more than just boxes of safety products.

As such my five-and-a-half year engagement on behalf of the Oakville based safety and industrial products distributor consisted largely of corporate branding and quality sales support activities including especially the development of web based product sales and marketing infrastructure.

The new Internet sales and markeing strategy was used to better leverage traditional product marketing vehicles such as inside sales, data-base and direct marketing activities, in-house graphic design capabilities, advertising, events marketing and public relations, translation, as well as vendor, product and category management. While at Levitt-safety I also assisted with the successful introduction and implementation of a corporate wide ISO 9000 quality management certification process.


It was under my leadership that Levitt-Safety was able to roll out its first complete line catalogue in more than six years in time for the new Millennium. Produced entirely in-house this new 400 page plus full line catalogue was released in both a French and a matching English language version.

Additionally my professional responsibilities at Levitt-Safety encompassed all of the following:

  • Managed advertising, public relations and events management;
  • Managed corporate data base and direct marketing initiatives;
  • Managed and directed the development of a purpose built corporate internet and intranet and e-commerce initiative;
  • Managed product marketing, category development and supplier management;
  • Managed professional development and training for internal and external clients

Scope: International Manufacturer, Distributor, Equipment Service

Operations: Global supplier of mine lighting, radio location equipment and mining safety tools

Financials: $5 - $10 Million
Employees: 40


NL Technologies Inc.

NL Technologies is a separately-managed engineering and technology company that has grown to become a world leader in the manufacture and design of miner’s cap lamps as well as underground digital tracking technology. With branches in Toronto, Canada, Santiago, Chile and Brisbane, Australia, NL Technologies is ideally positioned to capitalize on the growing global mining sector and the need for better underground illumination and mine location technologies.

Role with NL Technologies

As they are owned by the same family it made sense to utilize the Oakville based Levitt-Safety marketing team that I headed to support the international sales and marketing activites of Toronto based NL Technologies. In addition to the creation of multilingual collateral materials, my marketing team also produced and updated the mine lighting manufacturer's Internet presence and tradeshow graphics.

I personally took charge of all commercial photography used in the production of any required data sheets, product brochures and instruction manuals. 

Mine Safety Appliances Company (MSA)

MSA is among the leading developers, manufacturers, and suppliers of sophisticated safety products designed to protect worker's health and safety. The company's broad product and service offering includes self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBAs), gas masks, respirators, fixed and portable gas detection instruments, head, eye and faceprotection, thermal imaging cameras, and CSA approved fall protection equipment.

The multi-national maintains operations in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Australia and Asia. Important international branch office locations are located as far afield as New Zealand, India and the People's Republic of China. MSA is headquartered in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania and employs a staff of 5,000 people in production, marketing and sales roles all over the globe. 

Scope: National / International Manufacturer and Service Organization

Operations: North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, Middle East

Employees: 5,000 (55 CDN)

Certification: ISO 9001:2008

Financials: $ 976,600,000 (USD)

$25,000,000 to $49,999,999 (CDN)


MSA Canada Inc.

Founded in 1937, MSA Canada sells and distributes a diversity of health and safety products: personal protective equipment, respiratory protection, gas detectors and environmental monitors, fall protection as well as emergency response equipment.

MSA Canada serves clients in industry and government through a strong national network of more than 50 distributors and 20 sales representatives, supported by two regional offices that boast in-house service and repair facilities.

MSA Canada is registered to ISO 9002-94.

MSA Canada
5535 Eglinton Avenue West #222
Toronto, ON
M9C 5K5  

MSA Canada
16435 118th Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T5V 1H2  

Fire, Life and Environmental Safety Markets Covered:

  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Air Quality and Environmental Monitoring
  • Chemical Manaufacturing Industry
  • Construction and Infrastructure Sector
  • Fire, Ambulance and Emergency Services
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Government
  • Heating / Ventilation / Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Manufacturing and General Industry
  • Marine Markets
  • Mining, Resource Extraction, Oil & Gas
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Police / Military / Domestic Preparendness / Security
  • Transportation and Public Works
  • Utilities and Water Treatment

Role with MSA Canada Inc.

During my over eight years with MSA Canada I was able to leverage my previous experience as a high level market researcher and professional communicator to develop and implement a vision of what MSA's Canada's corporate identity should look like moving forward.

I was hired in July of 1990 to spearhead the development of company’s first complete product line catalogue to be released in over a decade. I also was instrumental in the development of sales and marketing programs that targeted the expansion of distributor relationships and the retention of key customers through the utilization of data base, data mining and other direct marketing tools. Due to my broad sales and marketing skill set and language capabilities my role with MSA soon evolved well beyond the scope of the corporation's Canadian operations to include significant overseas exposure as an international sales and marketing resource. In this broader professional role I supported  a variety of the corporation's most important global tradeshow venues including Interschutz in Hanover, Germany.

Additionally, I supported the MSA International Market Research Group as a recognized global and regional markets and products expert. The goal of this multi-disciplinary market research group was to expand and adapt MSA's unique product and service offering to better match the needs of the developing economies of Asia, Latin America and Africa as well as the new democracies that had emerged from the wreckage of the Soviet Uniton and the former Eastern Block.

Organizational Development and Management Roles:

  • Responsible to direct the work of a in-house marketing staff of 2-3;
  • Provided in-house training to personnel for fire, life and environmental health and safety, marketing and sales skills and customer relationship development;
  • Safety and social committee member and co-chair


Marketing Role:

  • Managed advertising, desktop publishing and corporate communications;
  • Managed corporate tradeshow activity
  • Managed corporate branding and product marketing activities;
  • Managed the development of the corporate catalogue;
  • Managed direct marketing, data base marketing and inside sales activities;
  • Assigned to MSA's global market research committee with a responsibility for the development of new global product and marketing strategies.

Sales Role:

  • Organized client relationship programs to develop new markets and re-engage dormant customers;
  • Supported targeted sales activities throughout Canada;
  • Introduced the retail channel to MSA's marketing and sales mix as a new commercial channel development initiative;
  • Assisted with the development of international sales initiatives in Europe and overseas 

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