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About Us:

Established in 1998, Knaack & Associates is an Occupational Health and Safety Consulting firm that can support a wide range of industries and client needs.


We have supported our clients with everything from the realization of corporate compliance and due diligence objectives to the development and implentation of needs based corporate health, safety and evironmental programs and policies.

The firms' past and present client list is drawn from a cross section of industry and government including a number of prominent safety manufacturers, distributors, consultants, and training providers.

Peter M. Knaack, MA

Peter M. Knaack, MA,


Peter Knaack is a recognized training consultant and health, safety and environmental professional with over two decades of teaching and professional development experience in the area of environmental health and safety including the areas of respiratory protection, chemical handling, hazardous materials response as well as public safety and domestic preparedness.

Mr. Knaack is member in good standing of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers (CSSE). A regular contributor to a number of key industry events, Mr. Knaack has spoken on a variety of industry specific topics including spill control, emergency preparedness, respiratory protection, confined spaces as well as laboratory safety at the 2003, 2004 and 2005 IAPA shows and the 2005 edition of the Toronto Hazmat show.

Knaack & Associates was set up in 1998 to leverage Mr. Knaack's unique 20+ year skill set as a well-respected safety professional and an equally well-regarded and experienced management and management systems intervenor. 

Mr. Knaack is a graduate of the University of Toronto (BA Honours) and the Free University of Berlin (MA).

Over time the religiously inspired concept of being one's "brother's "keeper"  has been enshrined as a fundamental aspect of Canada's national health and safety legislative environment.  In nearly every jurisdiction in this country the essence of this religious and moral concept has been established as a primary legislative and compliance requirement for employers.

Under the auspices of a broadly stated "general duty clause," employers are legally required to ensure that safe work conditions and procedures are in place within any workplace under their control. As an illustration, Sections 25 (1) and (2) of the Ontario "Occupational Health and Safety Act", R.S.O. 1990, stress that it is the employer who is ultimately legally responsible to ensure that any equipment, materials or protective devices prescribed by regulations are in place as required or otherwise made available to ensure for the continued health and safety of employees while at work.

The legally binding concept of the "general duty clause" actually encompasses many health and safety issues that may as yet have remained unforeseen or have yet to be defined more closely under the law. As a result, public and private employers all over Canada have made significant investments in the development and maintenance of corporate environmental health and safety programs.

Often, though, questions remain whether or not an organization is fully compliant. Knaack & Associates are the logical choice for those organizations that need to establish whether or not existing corporate environmental health and safety systems and infrastructure are sufficient both from a compliance as well as from an operational and systems perspective. While no one plans to be non-compliant, many companies none-the-less start running the regulatory and compliance gauntlet following unexpected systems failures which generally are accompanied by higher worker's compensation costs, decreased productivity and corporate morale as well as significantly heightened regulatory activity. Our goal is to intervene positively before something can go wrong or where failures have occurred to assist in their mitigation.    

Fire, Life and Environmental Safety Solutions

Occupational Health and Safety Achitecture

The effectiveness and general progress of corporate environmental health and safety programs can be measured against two primarly dimensions, quality and performance. Due to legsilative requirements, safety management today is no longer an elective. Furthermore employers subject to the requirements of the Canadian Internal Responsiblity System (IRS) must demonstrate a level of due diligence above and beyond mere statutory compliance.

To be considered functional contemporary corporate environmental health and safety programs must demonstrably exceed the red shaded non-compliance indicators shown in the OH&S Architecture map above.

Safety performance can range from a low where an organization has been found to be criminally negligent to a high where a corporation is compliant at levels well beyond those demanded by insurance providers and the regulator. The quality of overall safety management systems can also vary from a situation dominated by ad-hoc safety practices where no formal documented systems are in place to one characterized by a fully implemented strategic safety management system that takes into account all corporate activites from the micro to the macro levels.

Three Key Service Areas - The Knaack Safety Difference:

Most progressive employers recognize the overall importance of improving plant occupational health and safety as a means of solidifying the bottom line. Investigations by the regulator following major accidents and the costs derived by employers from the resulting worker's compensation programs, including legally required work reintegration programs for injured workers, can significantly detract from the normal profit picture.

Additionally, even minor low severity workplace incidents and accidents can have a deleterious impact on workplace morale and in the process cause workers to become fearful of becoming the next statistic. Unforeseen public relations challenges and damage to the corporate image complete the picture of what a poor safety record can accomplish in term of negative impacts to an organization's business plan and profit objectives.

Knaack and Associates can help you strike an improved health and safety balance in favour of all of the major public and private stakeholders including shareholders, insurance providers, clients and customers, management and personnel as well as the regulator. We can provide assistance across a vareity of dimensions including compliance management initiatives, safety productivity and management systems, and organizational development. Details for each of these headings can be found below and in even greater detail in the appropriate sections of this web page.      

Compliance Management

Corporate performance benchmarks and the compliance horizons for occupational health and safety are continually evolving.

With fourteen primary jurisdictions responsible for workplace safety, Canada can boast of over 500 different  health, safety and environmental statutes and regulations.   

Hence it is of the essence that all applicable legal and industry best practice guidelines are reflected in corporate health, safety and environmental policy and practices.

Legislation and Industry Best Practices Benchmarking

The starting point for health, safety and environmental compliance remains establishing which statutes and or regulations may apply to your operations under provinical, territorial or federal jurisdiction.

Ensuring that demonstrable compliance structures are in place is a pre-condition of operating a business in Canada. Canada's multi-jurisdictional reality means that corporations must be capable of operating across a variety of differing legal platforms and jursidictional requirements. To ensure that you are operating under the right compliance horizons and under a correct set of legal and operational assuptions, Knaack and Associates will review how and where your operations are conducted against any applicable Canadian legislative requirements.

In addition to establishing whether or not multi-jurisdictional compliance may be necessary, our initial review of the legal preconditions that may apply to your business model will also involve a thorough review of any related standards, guidelines or industry best practice codes.

Review Existing Policies and Procedures for Currency at the Macro Level

Statutes and regulations change with a startling level of regularity. Changes in government often are accompanied by changes in the legislative impulses that underly occupational health and safety and environmental compliance.

While changes to statutes are often accompanied by significant parliamentary or legislative debate, regulations can often change with little or no official notice.

Knaack and Associates can ensure that all of your health, safety and environmental programs are founded upon a solid understanding of the law including where changes are impending due to the impact of important court decisions.

Our focus is to ensure that any changes to current legislation, regulations,  standards, and industry best practice guidelines that are referenced in existing corporate policy are reflected in the evolution of your corporate health, safety and environmental policies.

Review Local Safety Policies and Procedures for Currency at the Micro Level

Working with local stakeholders is the final piece of the legislative and regulatory policy review and implentation puzzle. From a corporate compliance perspective it is important to be able to perform desk level compliance audits to ensure that the local structure of health, safety and environmental procedures match those policy directives in place at higher levels within the organization.

Safety and Productivity Management

To ensure their success, safety programs must be actively managed.

Understanding and mastering workplace risks makes senses across a variety of dimensions including espcially those related to legal compliance requirements

To ensure that they remain effective, health, safety and environmental management programs must be supported through the diligent use of safety measurement and performance management systems.

Knaack and Associates can assist your organization with a variety of health, safety and environmental concerns both from an organizational as well as from a systems perspective. Look to Knaack and Associates with confidence whether your firm is seeking to improve its ability to proactively manage and organize existing health and safety procedures or is faced with the stark realities of having to deal with the aftermath or an occupational injury or illness.

Our firm is well positioned to provide hands on assistance to achieve operational efficiencies and due diligence requirments as well as to help you manage the consequences of unexpected accidents and workplace mishaps.

Organizational Development

Only by commiting to a process of continual improvement can an organization achieve its stated occupational health, safety and environmentnal objectives.

Flourishing safety cultures are driven by well led, and sufficiently motivated and trained people.

In the end the need to control costs, minimize corporate liablity exposures and achieve organizational due dilligence goals all depend upon one thing - great results in safety performance can only be achieved where a durable and vibrant corporate health and safety culture has been established.

Knaack and Associates have the ability to bring a culture of compliance to the forefront of your health, safety and environmental programs.

A regular contributor to the different elements of the Canadian safety press, Mr. Knaack has supplied authoritative articles to most of Canada's leading health and safety publications such as the "Fire Services Journal", "Hazardous Materials Management Magazine", "Canadian Occupational Safety", "Occupational Health and Safety", "Worksite News" and "Accident Prevention Magazine".

Knaack and Associates can assist your organization to localize where major gaps in corporate environmental health and safety programs may exist. As a rule serious program deficiencies can be present but remain unknown due to a variety of factors. Our firm has the tools and the objective experience to establish where potential problems may be and how they could best be addressed.   

The Knaack Commitment

Peter Knaack is a proud member of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers (CSSE). The CSSE has developed a professional “Code of Ethics” reinforced by a Certified Health and Safety Consultant’s (CHSC) “Code of Practice” to ensure that safety professionals certified by the CSSE can operate under a common set of shared ethical guideposts and professional requirements.

As a result you can be assured that Knaack & Associates will handle all of your business and personal matters with the utmost in professionalism in keeping with the highest standards of integrity, fairness, competence, confidentiality and discretion when professionally engaged.

 Our core health, safety and environmental consulting service offering encompasses all of the following areas of competency:

Proactive Measures:

• Compliance Audits and Regulatory Reviews
• Desk level Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
• Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Planning
• Employee, Supervisor and Managerial Competency Training
• Ergonomics
• Hazard Recognition, Assessment, Control and Evaluation (RACE)
• Health and Safety Management Systems Audits
• Health, Safety and Environmental Policy and Program Reviews
• Hiring and Placement
• Organizational and Professional Development Initiatives
• Purchasing Management
• Safety Performance Measurement
• Workplace Violence and Harassment Program Design

Ongoing Program Maintenance & Support:

• Committees and General Health and Safety Training
• Confined Spaces
• Contractor Interface and Contract Management
• Corporate Health and Safety Program Leadership
• Environmental Monitoring
• Fire, Safety, First Aid and Environmental Inspections and Program Audits
• Health and Safety Project Management
• Housekeeping Procedures
• Lockout and Tagout Procedures
• Industrial Hygiene Monitoring
• Joint Committees Interface and Support
• Management and Stakeholder Interface
• Organizational Development and Industrial Relations Support
• Safety and Risk Communications
• WCB, Insurance and Regulatory Interface
• Workplace Employee Assistance Programs
• Workplace Ergonomic Assessments

 Consequence Management Services:

• Crisis Communications
• Emergency Health, Safety and Environmental Program Reengineering
• Public Relations and Crisis Management Assistance
• Investigation of Accidents, Incidents and Hazardous Occurrences
• Regulatory and Emergency Services Interface
• Third Party Liability Incidents

Knaack & Associates maintains operations in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) :

However, we can support the needs of clients from coast to coast.

Whether you find yourself in Victoria or St. John's, Knaack & Associates are but a call or an e-mail away:

4 Bilberry Crescent, Toronto, Ontario | 647-984-2725

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